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Raiding Mum’s wardrobe

January 10, 2011

Being the kind of person who never throws things away, my mother’s wardrobe is forever popping up with things that become the topic of “ugly” hyperboles. Of course, fast forward a few years and now I’m ruffling through her wardrobe with a quiet determination to find that super comfy shirt with some awesome detailing that can be highlighted and made to look wearable if styled right. Exhibit A:

Covered button satisfaction.

Casually tucked into some skinnies? Yes.

Then there’s this shocker:

Apparently Mum made this with the help of my Aunt, back in the day. She pulled out another light pink version later (which actually had a cute v neck back and bow…but pink lace is not happening in my forseeable future). I have to say I do love the collar, so to distract from the er…puffiness of those sleeves, I rolled them up and the top didn’t look half bad.

The cuffs are actually super nice so I might even get those taken up and get the whole thing taken in an inch or two. Added to my growing list of alterations from op shop finds >.<

Then there are these fantabulous short shorts Mum cobbled together with scraps of sample fabric. They are lighter than air, and now I’ve put my search for light high waisted shorts on hold. Yes, the elastic if hideous, but I recently discovered the awesomeness of elastic since they can be worn high waisted (these look a little like skorts that way) or on the hips with a longer top (or to bed! They’re that comfy). They can be worn both ways too, with the reverse colours having a pinky red focus. This really was a bonus find since my wardrobe needs some serious print-love, it’s looking so solid and a bit bland at the moment.

Any ideas?

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