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little girl wanderlust

January 25, 2011

I am obsessed with peter pan collars and white lace. It’s a sickness for which there is no cure. If I see something with a peter pan collar or if it is made of a horribly unpractical fabric, it is destined to become part of my fantasy-closet (which is where all the clothes I want-but-cannot-afford live), or as my will power becomes less and less, my real life closet.

You are my dream combo of adorability. It’s not actually limited to peter pan collars: show me anything with a vaguely Lolita-esque, secret garden, little girl lost, golden age twiggy, or grown up Wednesday Adams air to it, and I will fall head over heels for it. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s the subversive, petulant teenager in me that’s behind it. She doesn’t want to be a proper grown up yet, so she wears the clothes from when she was a little girl – but now they’re too short so they show a lot of leg. (As a side note: oh god t-bar platform heels and white ankle socks how I want you.)

What’s lacking in popular fashion is a little quirkiness, a little mystery. Every time I go to a bar I see girls dressed up like shiny peacocks: skin-tight dresses, plunging necklines and perma-tans. Me? I don’t find that sexy. What I think is a lot more alluring are the pale girls with dark curtains of long black hair, in long sleeved, high necked, just a little too-short dresses. I think those girls are so sexy: pouting and petulant, their awkwardly long legs all wrapped up in a pair of black tights, not giving anything away, growling at any boy who dares to come close.

More girls dress up as Wednesday Adam’s on her way to a play date please. Seriously, look at this outfit? It’s adorable. All it needs is a players jacket and we’re talking the shy goth girl on a date with a popular jock in a 2010 rendition of the Breakfast club or maybe a black leather motorcycle jacket to toughen it up a little to go with her red lipstick and disaffected pout.

That kind of awkward, gloomy, intimidating, shy, coltish and coquettish girl is who I always try to emulate in my look when I’m going out at night, which means a lot of ¾ sleeves, circle skirts and high necks, black or inky tights and heels with exaggerated bows or t-bar sandals. But I like to let people know that this girl is tough as well – thus the ubiquitous leather jacket. Mixing romance and leather isn’t exactly ground-breaking, but it makes me happy damnit!

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