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three ring circus

February 2, 2011

I’m going to show more than three rings in this post; the title is a lie.

Lets just get that big, lying, pink elephant in the room out of the way now and focus on these gorgeous little babies.

I never used to be a ‘ring wearer.’ This was partly because I was obsessed with statement necklaces, and liked to only wear one piece of  jewelry so that it would garner proper attention – but mostly it was because I had chubby little fingers and was grumpy at the ring-smiths of the world for not catering to me.


 This ‘yes’ ring is amazing. I love the classic word rings; ‘love’ ‘peace’ ‘insert cliche’ etc etc, but I like that this one is a little bit more off the wall, and the writing looks like a sculpted, metallic ribbon to me, instead of trying to look like ‘oh hello, why yes my ring is just casually silver dipped handwriting.’ It’s made by Zoe & Morgan who are two gorgeous sisters from New Zealand, and who have been making a big deal about themselves in Vogue. My momma always said ‘dont make a scene’ – but these girls mother was obviously not so concerned with teaching them proper decorum, because they are apparently making quite a splash about town.

Bird Skull Ring! Bird Skull EVERYTHING please. This Pamela Love ring is amaze. How perfect would it look with a really delicate, feminine little peachy dress, or rocked up with a graphic tee, black jeans and black Tony Bianco peep toe ankle boots (more on those later)? The answer is so perfect, and you are foolish for having to ask. The answer was right there in the question! It’s such a statement, and it’s so huge, this baby takes up your entire finger. It’s like ‘Oh Hay! Why yes, I do have a gang of birds, and when they die why yes I do cast their skulls in silver!’

Grrrrrr, vampire teeth. The best thing about these babies is that they can be worn seperately or together, so depending on your mood you can just subtly rock a set of vampy teeth, or you can make it a bit more obvious with the double set as if you have defanged a tiny silver monster and now proudly wear his teeth as a prize. Yes I’m slightly obsessed with big silver rings with quirky charms on them (Charms? is that what we’re calling ring-decorations?) but you know what else I am slightly obsessed with? Tiny Terraniums. Oh God I am obsessed with tiny terraniums.

I don’t know if you have noticed but there is a tiny raindeer and a tiny butterfly on top of a tiny mushroom inside those rings. And they are trapped within tiny little glass bubbles for the whole world to see. If there was a way in real life to capture these tiny creatures and put them into rings, then I certainly would but for now this is as close as I’m going to get. Are people over the whole ‘cute’ thing yet? I’m not. I think the best way to wear these would be with all of the other rings featured like a mysterious gypsy woman covered in bells and whistles so you just want to sit and stare in wonder at her hands because they have treasures all over them.

Yes… these are the things I think about.

Also I know it seems to be ‘cliched internet writer’ of me, but I love this double-fingered silver cross ring. I think it’s lovely, classy, and a whole bunch of other descriptive words that I can’t think of because I have begun to day dream about eating delicious poached pears. But needless to say – if you buy me this ring, we will be great friends and I will make you cups of tea in the most beautiful antique teacups in the world.

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  1. February 3, 2011 11:03 am

    Ah, Sarah, I can actually hear your tone of voice with the italics 😀

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