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Brushstroke lovin’

February 13, 2011

As a preface to this post – I have a lot of punk friends. This might not seem like an obviously important point, but I have many punk friends and they are all covered in tattoos. And they are all lovely people. I think people with tattoos are often lovely people. I however, am not covered in tattoos.

Why is this?

Because I am a little bitch girl and fear tiny needles sticking into me for the sake of commemorating my love for insertwhateverhere. But  if I was going to get tattoos, then I have chosen the woman who I want to take my inkginity (see what I did there? a portmanteau of ink and virginity. Holy, fuck I am witty.)

Amanda Wachob. You are an inky goddess and I want to make love to you and let you cover me in crafty brushstroke tattoos that look like they are probably painted on.

Look at that! I had to go to her website to convince myself that this was done with ink and not an ancient chinese calligraphy brush. I actually have fantasies that these tattoos are painted on and somehow sort of laminated onto your skin because how could something so delicate and ephemeral be made with needles and ink?

She does also do non-abstract tattoos, which is all very well and good. They are predictably gorgeous and look more like artwork than tattoos, but I somehow don’t love them as much as the abstract ones. They just look more like tattoos you know? Whereas I feel like Wachob is some sort of majestic artist sitting in a japanese teahouse in a kimono delicately sipping tea as she draws on her human canvases (Yes – I am aware I have now compared her tattoos to both ancient chinese calligraphy and something produced by someone in a japanese teahouse. Maybe she is bi-cultural. Don’t be such a racist.) I actually have nothing more to say about her other than to suggest we all as a fashionable community ban anyone from getting tattoos done by anyone except for this gorgeous woman, and then proceed to bow down at her artistic throne. So here: have some pictures to drool over.

ps: I am so ready for winter. I have already started stocking up on thigh-high socks, 120 denier tights and grandma sweaters.

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