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haute pink

February 13, 2011


Rainy day weather? I don’t know about you all, but the majority of my wet weather clothes tend to be in blacks or greys, you know – the ‘don’t show how goddamn wet you are’ colours. But then I’m clomping around (clomping: the official walking style of girls wearing doc martens in the rain since 1988), feeling grumpy in my entirely black outfit, and with my newly black hair I start feeling very ‘quoth the raven, nevermore’ and then I spiral into a vortex of darkness and forever gloom.

….okay that might be a bit of comedic hyperbole, but I’m a strong supporter of the ‘you feel what you wear’ movement. So what do I do when the gloominess of dark clothes wearing decends on me? Lipstick! Traditionally I’ve always been a firm believer in the power of bright red lipstick, however when I was browsing the make-up counter today I suddenly realised that what I really need in my life is hot pink lipstick.

Now I’m not advocating that we all start acting like Christina Aguilera, but on the other hand… check that fierce bitch out. Hot pink lipstick adds such a pop to whatever you’re wearing. Right now I’m rocking a baggy black sweater, some tuxedo leggings and a leather jacket, and this lipstick is like a tractor beam begging people to pay attention to my bright, happy lips, rather than the rest of my goth-ensemble. But I’m pretty sure it’s going to slowly but surely replace bright red lipstick as my go-to mood elevator.
Most makeup companies do one or two pretty fierce hot pink lipsticks but I would recommend trying a few and finding what suits you best rather than listening to my particular choice – because we all have good skin tones and what looks hot on me might look not-so-cute on you (and vice versa). If I gave one piece of advice though it’d be to go for a semi-matte or matte lipstick rather than shiny, because not only will that baby stay on longer, but I think with such a bold colour, adding shiny to the mix might just be a bit of overkill, y’know?


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