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Erdem – crazy on classic

February 14, 2011

…as in, crazy beautiful patterns on classic, whisper-of-vintage silhouettes that *gasp* actually flatter the female body. As Erdem himself says, he does “colourful, optimistic oddities”, andvisualises the wearer as ‘a clever person who cares little about seasons and marches to her own drum’. I’m inclined to agree, although from the 2011 collections my hands down favourite is the spring/summer delightfulness:

The shoes, the shoes!

This stunning red number was donned by Michelle Williams (for the 00s kids out there, that’s angry chick on Dawson’s Creek. I know right? Definitely some career progression there).

Oh God, the above dress puts my $16 purchase from Valleygirl to shame.

Math, the secret garden and the universe collided. For reals.

Now why can’t I mix prints like this?!

Or you know, this.

Or even lace and prints. I’d settle for being able to mix lace and prints and make them work.

Although I shouldn’t leave out the pre-fall collection really, with many a sheath dress that swerve around boring-dom and crash straight into awesome-dom in a shower of lace…

…flower power, and red sparks:

Then there’s pre-spring

Space travel on LSD comes to mind. Is that just me?

The shoes in all these collections are glorious too – everything is just sooo bang on for me. The dangerous thing are the sales at Browns. Who incidentally do ship to NZ. The Erdem website also has a full list of its stockists, including online. Major alarm-bell-ing.

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  1. ginblossoms permalink*
    February 15, 2011 2:06 am

    I’ve wanted that red lace erdem dress forEVER – shocking I know

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