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Style Stealing

April 29, 2011

Who are we obsessed with? We are obsessed with Kelly Osbourne. That’s the royal we, because as far as I’m aware Zo does not share my obsession with me, so really it’s just me, I, sad and alone on the frontiers of british it girl stalking. But yes… that aside: I love her, I love her transsexual banging ex-fiancé, and I love her little squishy British face.

 pinup babe Kelly

Kelly and I have always been on sort of the same style timeline – when she had pink hair and was dating the lead singer from The Used, I was dying my hair purple and fantasising about dating the lead singer from The Used. (As a side note, apparently he gave a lot of girls the clap). And now that she’s all sexy and vaguely 1950’s-ladylike punk, rockabilly princess – well that’s definitely the look that I’m craving.

I love pretty much every look that she wears, and if it was possible to put her in a little box (Pssst, has anyone else heard Rob Brydon’s ‘tiny man trapped in a box’ impression? Youtube it now. Seriously, I’ll wait. My God that makes me happy)  and keep her as my pet, I would do so. And then I would bring her out on the weekends and we would drink tea, swear at each other, and then go and sit front row at Erdem fashion shows – because I have a feeling we both lust equally after the beautiful lace, bold colour contrasts, and gorgeous demure silhouettes.

Have I mentioned that I have hair lust? I have HUGE hair lust for her curly pastel locks. I’m actually not able to pull off even the darkest of blonde hair, so I don’t hair high hopes for lavender or earl grey as future hairstyles, but I think that out of all the riot grrrls currently dying their hair purple, pink and green – Kelly’s doing it best.

So considering how much we love her, how are we going to steal her style this season? Well it’s going to be a mixture of luxe fabric, studs and spikes, lace, velvet, leather, skater dresses, brogues and killer pins.


These are currently at the tippy-top of my wish list for shoes. Yes they might be slightly out of my price range, being that they are both Christian Loubitins but hey! I dream big. There’s something about the idea of shoes! and spike studs! that make me feel so happy. Perhaps because they are both pretty and completely capable of really hurting someone?



I also think that this cashmere sweater bySonia Rykiel is so perfect for winter. It’s warm, it’s over-sized and it’s got a pop of colour – in other words, my idea of heaven. Tucked into this leather skirt from The Row (and maybe those studded brogues from above?), it’s got that mix of pretty and tough that me, Kelly and apparently the whole fashion world crave right now.


Kelly also loves nautical style (don’t we all? Honestly, there is never a time in my life when I think ‘oh no, now is not an appropriate time to dress like a pirate), and I think this dress is a darling combination of nautical with a ladylike silhouette This jacket with a sequinned lapel would be adorabubs, of course I would say that about anything wish sequins, because like a magpie I am a complete whore for anything shiny. I believe I mentioned something before about how skater dresses would figure into my plan to slowly become Kelly O, but sadly the only one that I could find that fit into all of my guidelines (Skater dress, able to go from work to evening, hopefully involving either leopard print, velvet or sheer fabric) was a Herve Leger skater bandage dress… and while I may fantasise about owning $1400 shoes, I can’t bring myself to even consider buying a $3000 dress, so you will all have to just go find your own dresses to dream about my little magpies.


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