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Baby it’s cold outside

May 23, 2011

The cold clutch of winter is bearing down on me (and to think… I moved to Melbourne thinking I’d be getting away from winter), and while I quietly crank up the heater, I’m trying to focus on the positive by thinking about my winter wardrobe. While it’s all well and good to daydream about a life where I swan about in Jeffrey Campbell lita boots , shear maxi skirts and huge shearling jackets (not all at once… or let’s be honest, all at once all the time), but in reality I don’t have the bank account or the Melbourne Girl Style to pull such a look off.  So, given that I am no Rachel Zoe, instead I’ve been searching the streets to find the perfect loose-knit sweater, any number of capes, and an oversized grey cardigan. So basically… anything drapey, gypsy, or hobo-grandmother. To be honest, I’ve found most of those things already – so it’s just a matter of getting together the $$$ to buy them. Until then, I suffer away in the cold. But you guys need not suffer as I am, so instead I’ve pulled a few of my favourites from Shop Nasty Gal, which is one of my very favourite online stores.

I used to really actively dislike anything cream, but lately I’ve found myself really drawn to how soft and milky and totally unpractical it is. It’s especially bad for me, because I am physically incapable of keeping anything clean for more than four seconds, so I’m anticipating a lot of trips to the dry cleaners this winter.

The back of that first blouse is just amazing. Racerback + lace + sheer black = I’m sold. The same applies for the one on the right. I’m not sure if you can see but that sweater actually has a tuxedo back (aka is longer in the back) which I think is really cute.  And look at it… I bet it’s soft as a marshmallow.

these three sweaters really fulfill my lust for anything drapey and impactical. Everyone is impractically large, come in gorgeous pastel colours (Lavender! dove grey!), and none of them look warm at ALL. But I dont care… layers people. It’s all about layers.

And blue finger tips. 

Blue goes with everything, right?

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