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Three green hearts

June 13, 2011

I managed to pick up Lucy Siegel’s “To Die For,” a revealing look at the side of fashion we’d often rather not hear about. Unlike most books that look under the covers of an entire industry, Siegel recognises the importance of supporting producers and creative designers who do view their jobs holistically. Not only is the book really comprehensive, rebutting a lot of the excuses we often make, it offers a vision that goes beyond simply buying second-hand or vintage. It’s this positive focus that earns Siegle the thumbs up even from Vogue.

To celebrate those who consider the ethical implications of their work on the people involved in each piece and the environmental consequences, here are some of my top picks, based on some name dropping that Lucy does throughout the book.

Top of my list is Good one, an affordable London based designer who uses the waste from the cutting room floor to create wearable and pretty pieces. Best news: even international shipping costs are included in the price of all their pieces, and they customise orders from their website to your exact measurements. The cropped vest doesn’t look like much but it looks super cute on, and it comes in a variety of colour combos. The blue stripe is also on wishlist.

Edun started as a mission to support African producers after the flight to Asia for cheaper labour. Much of the fabric they work with is organic and  Their shipping is a bit pricey ($25), but they do make some very covetable pieces:

How cute is this shirt? It feels so effortless, plus it would be so fantastic to wear on your bike while still looking chic.

Love this entire outfit, especially the skinnies – what would they not go with?! Yet they’re not just boringly black. Points. A wee secret: all of these pieces are currently on sale (a generous 40% off).

Last but not least, Anatomy specialise in classic, super tailored and sleek, and are one of the few designers dedicated to quality-focused English specialist producers and organic or recycled fabrics. If you want an investment piece, particularly a coat you’ll be proud to pass on to your daughter, you really shouldn’t look past these guys.

I’m rather smitten with these silk cigarette pants at the moment.


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