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Bittersweet bargains

August 24, 2011

My favourite shoe store Shoezies celebrated its last day open in Christchurch yesterday. They’ll be reopening in Wellington, and I can’t wait to some day visit again, but for now, I’m a little melancholic. I headed in on Monday to say goodbye and to thank owners Susi and Ted for staying true to their dedication to only selling quality European made footwear. I also wanted to thank them for being such a gracious example of excellent and friendly customer service. It didn’t matter when my Mum and I dropped into the store on a whim not wearing super swanky clothes, or that we were mostly looking at sale items. We were well cared for, and it was the first time I’ve positively remembered an experience on High Street. They are such genuine people – something which cannot always be easily said about upmarket fashion retail people these days! The shoppers are nice people too – it felt easy to chat to everyone, bound by a love of beautiful design and craftsmanship.

These Chie Mihara purple suede heels are officially now my comfiest heels, and I cannot wait to wear them out. Really. I don’t go to the supermarket often, but I’m already plotting the next chance to put these on.




My favourite bit is the slightly thicker heel and the slight curve at the bottom…it has this classic  feel without being boring, and the colour will be a welcome feature in my wardrobe. The round toe gives my feet a bit of room to relax too!  If I ever get a job in an office, I will probably wear these every freakin day. Weirdly I don’t find myself wishing they were a tad higher either – they are just right.





These immediately caught my eye, and while I hadn’t planned on splashing out, they were too cute for me to resist:

…I am a sucker for ribbon laces. These hand crafted beauties were from a brand called Alex, who feature a lot of cut-out leather in their collections.

Bring on summer and dinner dates!

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