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Witching Hour

October 13, 2011

In what is probably a direct rebellion against the bright colourpolsion that is popping up in every store I see, I’ve gone all gothy. That’s right, I’m 23 and all I have left to rebel against is pop colours. I could end this right here and just hashtag my life #whitegirlproblems.

My latest purchase is a matte lipstick by Mac called Potent Fig, and I love how grumpy it makes me look as I’m stomping through the streets, but I am not the only one who is feeling like getting a little dark and stormy, my girls from Rookie (the latest project by wunderkind and all around fierce lady Tavi) are also getting in on the gloom. They’ve been making their own cat shoes, wearing black lipstick and designing detachable collars. Did you hear that? They’ve been MAKING THEIR OWN CAT SHOES. I am the anti-craft girl so I will just be lusting from afar and instead I’ll be vibing on slashed up shorts, floating maxi skirts, anything with crosses on it, dark plum lipstick and as my love for sheer continues, buttoned up blouses with fabulous collar detailing.


These are some of my favourites, all from ASOS (apparently the only place I bother shopping these days) and I love the gothy witch girl feeling they give me. They’re still all quite light and floating (because summer is afterall, inching ever closer upon us), but they’re volumnious and dark enough to get the best out of your mysterious-witch-girl feeling. Maybe it’s leftover from my days of teenage hormone angst or maybe it’s because Halloween is fast approaching but every time I look at these clothes I imagine sitting in a spooky graveyard at night surrounded by Barbie dolls wrapped in twine and conducting a séance. Wherever you wear it, it’s definitely time to let your petulant, black lipped inner self  shine. Or sit in a dark corner and glare at passer-bys. You know; whatever.


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