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The past. The present. The Future. Vintage

April 26, 2012

A few months ago Zo and I had a wee dress up and a play around with the camera and these vintage outfits were the result! For years I have been collecting all sorts of vintage and junky pieces. The value isn’t always in a garments past often it is far better to envision for it a future no matter what it was before you found it on the rack. These two dresses present two parts one is all about the past whereas the other only had a future when I found it.

The purple and green floral dress belonged to my great grandmother. I have learned through this dress that we shared a dress size and a love of fashion. My favourite parts of it are all in the details, it has gorgeous little crystal like buttons and the belt is made of the same fabric, no way this baby would ever clash!

The peach dress is a whole other story. This wee gem was picked up for $7 and originally was about a size 20 Mama Cass style full length dress with big puffy sleeves that buttoned in at the wrist. As you can see the sleeves and the hemline did not survive my remodel but the fabric did and that’s what I had fallen in love with in the store. With this dress it wasn’t so much its past that got me, which is usually the way with vintage I find but rather the future I saw that it could have with me. It’s given me a whole new approach to vintage and I can’t wait to find some more hidden pieces.

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