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Hit list

November 7, 2011

I’m getting a little old to be writing christmas lists (although I’ve always thought surprises were severly overrated – what’s wrong with getting things for someone you know they definitely want?) But when I look at these items I get all tingly in excitement with the knowledge that in just a few paychecks, I’ll be able to start knocking off my hit list. Does anyone else get all warm and excited about the prospect of buying things? Or are my problems not just limited to my hugely inappropriate crush on Redfoo from LMFAO?

We’ve talked about how I’m 5’11 right? And that as such… what I really need in life is platform wooden clogs to make me even more of an amazon? These Gorman Tie Me Up wedges fit the bill so very well, I’m really regretting not buying them before I moved away from Melbourne.

Do you see what I am seeing? Not just a sweet, perfectly fitting t-shirt, but a sweet, perfectly fitting t-shit with DINOSAURS on it. And a quiz! Who doesn’t love a good quiz? This Tee and Cake shirt going to be my first purchase come payday, I’m anticipating wearing it every moment of summer – way past when it stops being funny and cute. I kid, I kid: it will never stop being funny and cute.

While I love just about everything that Calourette make, this ring very nearly sends me into conniptions. Calourette definitely have the market cornered on adorable, quirky and downright odd jewellary, that is my favourite thing about them. Want a ring with a snail on it? They’ve got you covered. Want to hang a lobster from your pretty little necklace? That dream too can come true. Want to pin ears to your ears? Well… you see where I’m going with this.

So often I think that one-piece swimsuits are boring and dull, but that is so not the case with this Gorman Hello Sailor one-piece. I am a sucker for anything nautical… add in the cute little cut out, and I’m completely sold.

These Unif hell-raisers are the end word in amazing smoking slippers. Loungewear is the new cool, and I couldn’t be more excited about all the quirky and crazy styles of smoking slippers currently on the market right now. It is not an understatement to say that I am obsessed with these, they are comfortable but also just a bit off (kind of like yours truely), and I’m imagining kicking some butt with those spike studs.

It might be almost summer, but that doesn’t stop me from craving this Illustrated People raglan sweater. It makes a change from all the vaguely rock chic black sweaters that you see all the time, the white equals out the (lets be honest here people) slightly demonic feel of it. I’m imagining short shorts, a tan, and a road trip while wearing this sweater.


Fuck Flattering.

October 17, 2011

Yes, Nike isn’t doing anything groundbreaking – it’s jumping on board with advertising campaigns such as Dove’s campaign for real beauty and Nivea, and possibly many other fashion and beauty companies who are promoting real beauty, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t something commendable.

I love this Nike campaign, particularly the thunder thighs ad, because girl my thighs are a thing to be reckoned with. They are big, and they are muscular from years of playing sport, and they will never fit into a size 8 pair of pants, but that doesn’t make them bad. I’ve been reading a lot of body/gender/sex positive books and articles lately, and it’s been getting me all fired up about how all my insecurities are actually things that are okay. If any of you read  The Rumpus you might be familiar with Sugar, one of my new favourite interweb writers and she’s basically summed up my feelings about myself perfectly;

“You don’t have to be young. You don’t have to be thin. You don’t have to be “hot” in a way that some dumbfuckedly narrow mindset has construed that word. You don’t have to have taut flesh or a tight ass or an eternally upright set of tits.”

When I read those words, I was so relieved. It felt like permission not to be perfect, and I’ve been trying to really focus on the idea of that ever since. There are many, many girls on the internet who can sum this idea up better than I can; try Feministe, I Am Offended Because, Cartoon Heart or Rookie Mag if you want to get all fired up with feministe bolshyness.

But my main point is just to give everyone a gentle reminder that fashion is fun – it shouldn’t make you feel like shit. Don’t let wearing a size 10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24/26 make you feel bad just because it wasn’t the size you were once upon a time.  There’s no shame in needing to go up or down a size from store to store (because guess what? There’s no regulation about sizing and they’re really just doing whatever they want with those labels). You are not the wrong size for the pants, the pants are the wrong size for you. You are perfect.

It’s perfectly fine to wear short shorts if you have thick thighs, just like it’s okay to wear a sheer shirt if you are a size 18 or a size 8. If you feel good in what you’re wearing – that is the only thing that matters. So don’t let other people’s opinion of you, or fashion’s opinion of what is ‘flattering’ get you down. Fuck Flattering.

Witching Hour

October 13, 2011

In what is probably a direct rebellion against the bright colourpolsion that is popping up in every store I see, I’ve gone all gothy. That’s right, I’m 23 and all I have left to rebel against is pop colours. I could end this right here and just hashtag my life #whitegirlproblems.

My latest purchase is a matte lipstick by Mac called Potent Fig, and I love how grumpy it makes me look as I’m stomping through the streets, but I am not the only one who is feeling like getting a little dark and stormy, my girls from Rookie (the latest project by wunderkind and all around fierce lady Tavi) are also getting in on the gloom. They’ve been making their own cat shoes, wearing black lipstick and designing detachable collars. Did you hear that? They’ve been MAKING THEIR OWN CAT SHOES. I am the anti-craft girl so I will just be lusting from afar and instead I’ll be vibing on slashed up shorts, floating maxi skirts, anything with crosses on it, dark plum lipstick and as my love for sheer continues, buttoned up blouses with fabulous collar detailing.


These are some of my favourites, all from ASOS (apparently the only place I bother shopping these days) and I love the gothy witch girl feeling they give me. They’re still all quite light and floating (because summer is afterall, inching ever closer upon us), but they’re volumnious and dark enough to get the best out of your mysterious-witch-girl feeling. Maybe it’s leftover from my days of teenage hormone angst or maybe it’s because Halloween is fast approaching but every time I look at these clothes I imagine sitting in a spooky graveyard at night surrounded by Barbie dolls wrapped in twine and conducting a séance. Wherever you wear it, it’s definitely time to let your petulant, black lipped inner self  shine. Or sit in a dark corner and glare at passer-bys. You know; whatever.



September 23, 2011
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Itching to dust off some spring dresses! For now I’ll just have to settle for admiring Laura’s awesome pink dress. Lookin forward to floating through the market tomorrow after some posh porridge, and let loose a little. Have a carefree weekend 🙂



Ooh la la vintage

September 2, 2011

Vintage items can often cost just as much as new, and for those of us dedicated to easing our clothing-to-landfill conscience, this can be a pain. Aside from spending hours at a local op-shop sifting through junk, what’s a girl to do? Check out Ooh la la vintage from Wellington, who have a good eye for picking out the jewels from the rubble and have priced things super reasonably.

I can’t believe that red dress is $35. I’d even manage to find room in my bursting-to-the-brim wardrobe if I could squeeze into that dress (sadly, I do not have a 63cm waist…close, but ya know…I’d like to breathe).

There are also some black high waisted velvet shorts (reminding me of Lonely Hearts) and big snuggly cardis that I like.  Laurel also has a blog, so you can keep inspired with vintage imagery.

PS. In other vintagery news: much-loved Christchurch store Two Squirrels is open again, at 63 ashley street rangiora. Trading 3 days a week, Friday/Saturday/Sunday 10am-5pm. Great news 🙂

Bittersweet bargains

August 24, 2011

My favourite shoe store Shoezies celebrated its last day open in Christchurch yesterday. They’ll be reopening in Wellington, and I can’t wait to some day visit again, but for now, I’m a little melancholic. I headed in on Monday to say goodbye and to thank owners Susi and Ted for staying true to their dedication to only selling quality European made footwear. I also wanted to thank them for being such a gracious example of excellent and friendly customer service. It didn’t matter when my Mum and I dropped into the store on a whim not wearing super swanky clothes, or that we were mostly looking at sale items. We were well cared for, and it was the first time I’ve positively remembered an experience on High Street. They are such genuine people – something which cannot always be easily said about upmarket fashion retail people these days! The shoppers are nice people too – it felt easy to chat to everyone, bound by a love of beautiful design and craftsmanship.

These Chie Mihara purple suede heels are officially now my comfiest heels, and I cannot wait to wear them out. Really. I don’t go to the supermarket often, but I’m already plotting the next chance to put these on.




My favourite bit is the slightly thicker heel and the slight curve at the bottom…it has this classic  feel without being boring, and the colour will be a welcome feature in my wardrobe. The round toe gives my feet a bit of room to relax too!  If I ever get a job in an office, I will probably wear these every freakin day. Weirdly I don’t find myself wishing they were a tad higher either – they are just right.





These immediately caught my eye, and while I hadn’t planned on splashing out, they were too cute for me to resist:

…I am a sucker for ribbon laces. These hand crafted beauties were from a brand called Alex, who feature a lot of cut-out leather in their collections.

Bring on summer and dinner dates!

Summery sale finds

August 21, 2011

It’s not getting much warmer down in Christchurch, but summer sales have well and truly kicked off in the Northern hemisphere. Here are some of my favourite finds (which I’m dreaming of wearing on my brief excursion across the ditch):

Emerson Made scalloped edge mini (also in black) – xs

Edun silk wrap dress – L

Built By Wendy backless denim dress – L

Seventh Wonderland bikini – 2

Aennis Eunis peeptoe